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Some thoughts, links and ideas for learning at home:

 Parents :  please know that learning all of the material sent home is important, but please help your children to do the work in small doses…. Maybe 15- 20 minutes of learning, then take a break.  Make sure to get outside, breathe in the fresh air, listen to the birds chirping!! A break might just be getting up to stretch, doing some jumping jacks, singing a song, etc.

Bringing some structure into your day, small doses at a time, help us to feel more in control emotionally. Getting up and making your bed, reaching out to others via phone or internet to connect, doing things intentionally help us to feel better.  Being kind and doing something good for someone else helps us to feel better.  

Talk to your children about the loss they (and you) feel about missing, seeing and hugging their friends, teachers that care about them and other family.  Zoom and Facetime helps us to connect by seeing faces (and hopefully some smiles).

Also, encourage your child to know their knowledge can improve during this time by doing their work !

Mrs. Albert has a link for free internet for the next two months. If you need the link, please ask. Also, Comcast is offering internet service for $9.99 per month to any family that has students who qualify for free/ reduced lunch.

Here are some links and ideas for some creative fun and learning!

**** UTube Yoga for Kids:  +++ Cosmic Kids w/ Jaime… Highly recommended!!  Jaime dresses in costumes and tells a story with yoga moves… very fun and creative!

SEL video lessons created and shared by other local school counselors:

*** Some school counselors are making videos as a way to connect to students during this time. There are lots of different videos on social emotional learning, mindfulness as well as art projects to help students during this time.

***TOOLBOX! Bangor school was ready to launch the Toolbox lessons in March.  We all have inner Tools with us all of the time, every day, and with practice they can become helpful in many ways.  By using these Tools, we can build skills that will really make a difference in our lives, helping us with things like self control, learning to be patient, and learning how to handle problems.  


Breathing Taking Time

Quiet/ Safe Place Please & Thank You

Listening Apology & Forgiveness

Empathy Patience

Personal Space Courage

Using our Words Garbage Can

You can watch the recorded video classes NOW!  linked on the Toolbox Project Website. Look on the Family Toolbox Page for videos and downloadable materials.  The address is TOOLBOX PROJECT. 

There are numerous videos online for virtual tours of museums, webcam on the Oakland ZOO, videos tours of other countries, etc. has beautiful photos to inspire.      Just GOOGLE IT!!

 *** I am available to talk to you:  just want to talk, struggling with anxiety, bored and lonely, just want to connect ???????

CALL:     530- 282-1607  or

Sending hope,

Valerie Cross  LMFT

 BCOE  Counselor Bangor School

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